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smsts certificate

Posted by daphne0y 45 days ago ()
Get your SMSTS certificate, SMSTS training courses through Envico Online.

So it's 90 degrees out and you're running errands, drenched in sweat and miserable. Natalia Rocha has the right idea though. She forgets every stitch of her clothes at home and looks cool and comfortable on the streets of Spain. It's a bit cooler here at Fleshbot today, but this little bit of exhibitionism has got us all hot and bothered. It seems like we might need to lose a few layers. Natalia

The AJ Bailey Experiment [Upcoming]

Posted by admin 778 days ago ()
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know how successful Vivid's new release, 'The AJ Bailey Experiment,' will be. In this upcoming dvd, AJ Bailey, the "only Vivid girl to hold a master's degree," performs her first on camera boy/girl and boy/boy/girl scenes ever. Despite the fact that everyone likes to talk about how smart she is, AJ herself stated, "I don't want fans to think of my brains

American Pie: The Legacy [Movies]

Posted by admin 778 days ago ()
Believe it or not, the American Pie franchise is coming out with its seventh installment. We wonder: did they really make six other American Pie films? And why has Eugene Levy been the only actor to be in every movie? In honor of American Pie: Book of Love, we're analyzing what makes these films work, and taking a look back at some of the finest moments in American Pie history. Most importantly,
Not that we don't love our interns (who, for the record, are all incredibly intelligent, entertaining, good writers who look smokin'), but can you blame us for being just a smidge jealous that Front has a naked intern? Though, to be honest, the last time we tried Casually Naked Fridays at the office, it...didn't go so well. Perhaps some things are better left to the Brits. Like that whole Red Nos
newVideoPlayer("/MZ_Berlin_Madison_Young.flv", 506, 423,""); Some of us are morning people, but some of us need more than an alarm clock to get us out of bed. For those of us who are difficult to rouse, red hot lesbian action always does the trick. It's nicer than an alarm clock, healthier than a cup of coffee, and more fulfilling than the newspaper. · Buy "Friends and Lovers" (gamelink.c
newVideoPlayer("/ilCaso_fleshbot1.flv", 506, 423,""); Did you think the Americans were the only ones who could pad a movie's "plot" with a ton of gratuitous sex and nudity? You, my friend, misjudged the Italians. Observe: the hotness of "Il caso dell'infedele Klara." Delicious. · "Il caso dell'infedele Klara" ( · "Il caso dell'infedele Klara" (
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